Process Efficiency Value

Process efficiency and value optimisation may sounds more technical or engineers task rather than sales and marketing topic.

But actually not and it helps even more in service industry valid regardless of manufacturing, transactional or service business related processes where there is more challenge and opportunity.

Basic rules and the way to look as service companies to adopt three principles of statistical thinking is basic;
all work is a process
all processes have variability
and all processes create data that explains variability

• Is our processes are aligned with business objectives?
• Is there any room to improve?
• What is efficiency % of your key process?
• How employees spending their time on overall process by value%?
• Analysing why I do this or do this way? What if I do not?
• Will customer pay for it? or will be delighted?

Our objective here is to understand and ensure if our business processes working efficiently to delight its own customers.

We start to answer your questions review and develop solutions for our processes.

We use Lean Six Sigma value improvement tools to help to improve and or optimise process process efficiency to meet your business goals regardless of the process or business area.

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