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About GDApartner

GDApartner, established by Gülcan Demirkol Aytemur in association with Salescon - the sales management consultancy and Kairoshr - the human resource consultancy. All experts in their respective fields and with more than twenty years of experience in their area.

With a primary focus change and innovation on sales, marketing and people, GDApartner's scope lays in business:

• Developing growth, new- change - optimisation strategies
• Creating and managing “value for money and customer”
• People in sales, placement, assessment, performance management
• Design and optimise efficient business processes
• Execute all of those proposed solutions

GDApartner works with the Lean Six Sigma philosophy and discipline and is the only association inTurkey with this focus, specialisation and expertise.

GDApartner success definition and motto is
“create value and delight customers of our customers”

Having a feeling that we need to be better, that it is time for change but…?
Need to develop new business, growth or change strategy?
Would you like to be better in managing sales revenue-time-cost equation?
Having issues in sales management and performance?

All of these and much more areas GDApartner can help you.

For more details please contact, visit blog and About GDAPartner philosophy.

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