Customer Experience to Customer Value


Customer satisfaction, customer experience, customer value ,are they different?  


How we will know if our process meeting customer expectations? 


What is value we really create for our critical customers?


Our objective in this workshop is to understand and develop our business processes to ensure it is working to delight customers.
Which is not only clearly define by satisfaction or loyalty. The customer value is feed by customer experience. Means all steps customers went through while working with us, (steps of our process they are visible to customers). But the issue is mostly not about what they say, it is more about what they did not say to us in surveys or meetings.

This workshop aim and focus on key processes that are visible to customer. Key topics are and agenda items are ; 


to evaluate  customer value stream of processes

benchmark vs. competitors and industry 

develop and implement solutions to improve % of customer value


During the workshop we will be looking to answer questions to develop also understanding and awareness of “creating customer value ideas”.


Is our processes are aligned with business objectives?

Is there any room to improve?

What is efficiency % of your key process?

How employees spending their time on overall process by value%?

Review why I do this or do this way? What if I do not?

Will customer pay for it? or will be delighted?



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